I love that you & I are sharing this moment in cyberspace. That’s all we have, isn’t it? Just a collection of moments.

Somehow — through fate, serendipity, or a mysterious tangle of blog posts & links — you have arrived here, on this page. You’re ready to hear my story about life and birth, just as someday — maybe quite soon — I’ll sit listening, legs crossed, heart open … ready to hear yours.

Here’s my story . . .

I am a mother, psychologist, writer, speaker, adventurer, and lover of life. I’m a truth-seeking Aries and a vegetarian who’s not brave enough to go vegan. Yet.

I am passionate about birth. It lights me up.

They say we teach the lessons we need to learn. That’s my life story, summed up in a sentence.

The Birthing From Love project was born from my own need to learn how to have a peaceful, positive, and powerful birthing experience.

When my first son was conceived I was a desperately fearful, anxious, and hovering around depression. While he was busy working on growing brain cells and bones, I was busy working through my fears, breathing through anxiety, and warding off depression.

The craziness that was going on inside my mind resembled the Tasmanian Devil high on caffeine. My mind was spinning with thoughts, mostly fearful thoughts, of my upcoming labor and delivery.

Why am I telling you this? Because I want you to know you are not alone … and that a peaceful, positive, and powerful birthing experience — of the most miraculous kind — is absolutely possible.

Being a psychologist I spent my entire pregnancy analyzing myself, doing research, interviewing mothers, and reading books trying to figure out how to move past all the fear that I had about birth.

I’m happy to announce that all that effort was worth it because I eventually did move through the fear and had an amazing birth experience.

I had a precipitous birth (fast!) which I later found out is extremely rare, especially for first time mothers. My son, Jackson, landed in my arms before the midwives or paramedics could even arrive!

Now I can’t be certain, but I’m pretty sure that all the work I did to release my fears was one of the factors that caused me to have this type of birth experience.

…every lesson I’ve learned, I’ve learned both for me — and for you.

What I know for sure is that fear hinders the birth process, it tenses the muscles, intensifies the perception of pain, and messes up the uber-powerful birthing hormones.

Here’s what I think. There are two ways to give birth, one is from fear (causing worry, anxiety, stress, depression) and one is from love (causing peace, confidence, contentment, excitement, and strength). I’m pretty sure the latter will make the birth experience a whole lot better. And that’s what I want for you.

I spent thousands of hours working on myself to move from fear into love and it transformed me. And now I feel like I’m at a place where I can help you to transform yourself so that you can move through any fear you may have about birth. I feel like the best place to start is by sharing my story.

As I journeyed through pregnancy, birth, and mamahood I understood that love was the answer, the foundation, and the goal — of everything, always, forever.

I’ve studied and seeked and saturated my mind with knowledge and wisdom about birth — because I wanted to find solutions. To heal myself — and others.

My formal training, degrees, certifications, and licenses range from psychology, to life coaching, to hypnosis, to yoga instruction.

My hunger for knowledge and insatiable thirst for healing and growth has caused me to study positive psychologyhumanistic psychologycoachingpsychoanalytic therapyShamanismcognitive behavioral therapynarrative therapyEricksonsolution focused therapyplay therapyreiki, hypnotherapyneuro-linguistic programmingbehavioral therapyfeminist psychologyquantum physicsneuropsychologyRumiquantum psychologyspiritual psychologyart therapygroup therapychakra healingGoetheEMDRtrauma informed therapyroot cause therapyinner child healingcounseling psychologypre and perinatal psychologyenergy psychologypast life regressionyogaclinical psychologybrief therapysex therapygrief therapycognitive therapy.

I’m honored to have you here with me — for a few minutes of inspiration each day … or even just this once.

I’d love to join you on your journey, too — if you so choose.


And should you decide to hang ‘round my virtual home, rest assured…

…every lesson I’ve learned, I’ve learned both for me — and for you.

With love,

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