A Heart Centered Approach to a Spiritual Pregnancy

A spiritual pregnancy is a deeply unique experience that is lived by each woman who accepts pregnancy and prepares for motherhood.  Many thoughts may come to mind when putting together spirituality and pregnancy.  Does a spiritual pregnancy mean its time to begin meditating, praying for guidance, or chanting mantras?  Yes and no.  It can’t hurt to meditate nor could it hurt to have a belief system that can offer inner guidance and a positive outlook about pregnancy. 

The foundation of a heart centered approach during pregnancy starts with self awareness.  Self awareness of: thoughts, feelings, sensations, and intuition.  All those amazing parts of the human’s capacity to reflect and move inward all create a harmonious system of understanding the natural spiritual aspects of motherhood.  Awareness can help make the experience of pregnancy more peaceful as the body grows, emotions change, priorities shift, intuition strengthens, and receiving each day as it arrives.

Creating a pregnancy in awareness begins with inviting explored and unexplored experiences.  It is having the ability to investigate beliefs, experience true feelings, dissect mental patterns, release old systems, and continue to move within the cycles of personal transformation.  A spiritual pregnancy is not limited to blissful states of constant positive energy, but this includes feelings of uncertainty and fear.  It is about accepting all experiences and knowing that each has purpose.

How does one stay connected to a spiritual pregnancy when cultures of society can easily impact how pregnancy looks and happens?  Society can easily influence birthing and pregnancy with extensive books and experts all sharing information about the biological and emotional needs of a mother.  Many of these so-called “experts” like to offer hard data with limiting forms of study or hard to understand data, but with great persuasive skills to fool the smartest and activate the energy of fear.  The gift of negative images and media selling scare tactics around pregnancy is that the fear can bring about a lesson of personal discernment.  It does not have to damage the mind and build fear, but it can challenge the mind into moving more deeply to tune into the internal intuitive system of information.  Intuitive information lives within each person and always available for needed advice and wise knowledge.

Pregnancy must be about going with the flow and letting go into the unknown.  The idea of letting go in pregnancy can feel scary.  Actually, letting go in general can bring up feelings of personal loss and identity, but in the energy of birthing a new identity of mother is born.  Letting go and letting birth is one way to welcome a new thought process.  A spiritual pregnancy into spiritual birth requires the woman to pay attention to the wisdom of the body, while tuning into the wise callings of the ancient energies of labor that birthed before.

A heart centered approach to a spiritual pregnancy can be many things with many influential parts. It starts with the individual entering a state of self awareness, creating a system of prayer, meditation or mantras, making choices based on intuition, exploration of the psyche, embracing fears with acceptance, forgiveness, and letting go.  It’s good to remember that having a spiritual pregnancy is not about following ridged rules, orders, religious doctrines or archaic advice.  It is about following the brilliantly divine information that comes from inside the energy of choices that lives within personal wisdom.

About This Author

Kelly Ann Meehan is an energy therapist and holistic birth worker.  She holds a Masters in Clinical Psychology with an emphasize in Somatic Psychology with additional training in Cranio Sacral Therapy, Infant Massage Instruction, and Advanced level Integrative Energy Therapy.  She focuses her work on healing sessions, ceremonies, birth art, and workshops.  Please visit www.birthhealing.com for more information on healing services


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3 Responses to A Heart Centered Approach to a Spiritual Pregnancy

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  2. Khilesh says:

    Our little guy came alsomt a month early. When we went to the police station to get our car seat placed and I went to the bathroom I knew the baby was going to come soon and we still had about 12+ cars in front of us. I mentioned this to the police officer (one of them) and I went back to our car. Then we saw two police officers going car to car checking inside the cars and my husband and I were wondering what are they doing. Sure enough they were looking for the pregnant woman who might be having her baby (me). They found me and made all the cars back up so we can get out of line so they can put us in front of everyone.It was amazingWe had chickfila afterwardsand the baby the next week :-) haha

  3. Joy says:

    Oh my. I remember that. Wanting more than annhtiyg to be in labor, to hold that little one in my arms. Try doing all the things you won’t have time for in the first bit after the baby comes. Read a book. Watch a movie. Write. Lay in bed and look at each other. Take the longest bath/shower ever. Call your best friend and talk for 3 hours straight. Get a pedicure (you will soon be able to see your feet). Write a letter to your little one. Talk to the baby and tell him/her you are ready to meet them as soon as they are ready to come. Your babymoon will be here before you know it! :D

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